Airport Security

Every day airports across the UK have people from different places around the world passing through, which inevitably comes with risks. Over the past decade airports have enhanced technology to filter people who could have the potential to cause harm, meaning criminals are making it difficult to trace them.

At Hawkeye Security we believe we have excellent airport security services that will enable everyone to relax and travel safely.  we pride ourselves in being able to offer our clients the highest standard of safety.

Airports operate 24/7 and need constant protection, which is something our security guards can provide.

Experienced Security Officers Preventing Crime

All our airport security officers are trained to deal with unprecedented events and have undergone vigorous training, vetting and assessments to assure everyone is safe.

Mobile and static security patrols can look out for any suspicious activity, monitoring entrances and other specified areas.

Our team operates 365 days of the year 24/7, including bank holidays, meaning there is always security on site available.

To hire Airport Security Guards or if you want to discuss any of our other security services, please fill in our quick online form or our call us on;

UK office: +44 (0)7834455914